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Combination of high concentration of probiotics, prebiotic and PACRAN® cranberry extract for health and smooth functioning of the intestine
and urinary system.

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  • What is BacteFlora FEM
  • BacteFlora FEM usage
  • Ingredients
  • Recommended Dose

BacteFlora FEM contains a unique combination of 4 high concentration probiotic species, amounting to 10 billion probiotic bacteria per capsule, and prebiotic inulin with proven activity based on clinical studies of the Cranberry PACRAN® extract

 BacteFlora® FEM helps to balance and restore the intestinal flora as well as to protect the urinary tract from infections due to pathogenic bacteria.

 The intestinal flora is a complex microbial ecosystem with distinct biodiversity and significant biological activity.
It consists of about 500 different friendly and pathogenic species of bacteria, with a total population of about 100,000 billion bacteria.

The balanced intestinal flora, dominated by friendly bacteria, helps maintain health.

Why probiotics

Poor nutrition, modern lifestyle, antibiotic use (either directly or indirectly, e.g. by eating meat from animals that are systematically using antibiotics), diarrhea, smoking, alcohol, contraceptives, chlorine water pollution, environmental pollution, mental and physical stress, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, age and other factors contribute to the disruption of the intestinal flora balance. However, there is a way to protect and restore bowel flora, mainly through the intake of probiotics
and prebiotics.


BacteFlora® FEM contains inulin, a prebiotic dandelion plant fiber that reaches the intestine indigested and is used as food by friendly bacteria, allowing
for an increase in their number.

The benefits of inulin for the human body are many, since it contributes to the absorption of calcium and magnesium and helps to develop friendly bacteria
of the intestine, preventing the spread of pathogenes. In addition, the use of inulin does not trigger an increase in triglyceride levels and is considered a suitable substance for diabetics.

Cranberry Extract PACRAN®

Cranberry PACRAN® is a patented formula of the entire cranberry fruit, with 75 years of scientific study and gradual improvement, where clinical trials prevent pathogenic microorganisms from attaching to the urinary tract.

 The Cranberry PACRAN® extract is made up of the finest, 100% natural raw materials such as early Black Cranberries exclusively from the North American Vaccinium macrocarpon variety, in which key active ingredients are found.

 During the manufacturing process, the maximum quality assurance measures are taken. This ensures very high standards of stability in the quality
of the finished product.

 Most competitive Cranberry products come from individual parts of the Cranberry fruit, such as juice.
The Cranberry PACRAN® extract contains the whole Cranberry fruit:

  • Juice
  • Flesh


  • Bark
  • Seeds

Just as nature intended!!

Benefits of BacteFlora® FEM intake

  • Helps health and smooth bowel function.
  • Helps health and smooth functioning of the urinary system.

1 capsule 1-2 times a day or as directed by your doctor or pharmacist.

It is recommended to take the meal with water.

In case of antibiotic co-administration, to be taken 3-4 hours apart.

Suitable for people with food allergies and diabetics.

available in

BacteFlora FEM

10 Capsules

BacteFlora FEM

30 Capsules